Express air freight

Guaranteed delivery I Minimum time

The essence of this service is in promptness, since the carriage is carried out by a courier flying with your cargo, which he delivers in the luggage (transportation with accompanied luggage). The peculiarity of this transportation is the restriction of the small consignment by weight / volume, since it must correspond to the physical capabilities of the courier and the restrictions on baggage from the airlines. We work with almost the entire range of products and are ready to carry out all the necessary procedures for customs clearance as soon as possible. We carry out customs clearance around the clock without weekends and holidays.

For many years of work, a great experience has been gained with customers and partners in Russia and abroad. Our clients in this area are both large Russian industrial enterprises and foreign manufacturers of luxury goods, as well as small small business companies:

  • Express delivery of small quantities of goods from Europe "Door to Door" for 12-24 hours,
  • Customs clearance of import and export goods,
  • Consultations on foreign economic activity and selection of codes TNVED,
  • Product certification,
  • Delivery in Moscow and Russia by own road transport.