ITE Express offers a modern warehouse complex of class "A", located at the address: Moscow region, Domodedovo city district, voevodino village, 36A Ovrazhnaya street:

  • Well-equipped warehouse areas for floor, shelving mezzanine warehouse;
  • Modern shelving equipment, designed for 9500 pallets;
  • Floors with a maximum permissible load weight of 8 tons per m2, with anti-dust coating;
  • Availability of own loading and unloading equipment, packaging machines, crate manufacturing zone;
  • The warehouse is equipped with a splinker fire extinguishing system;
  • Video surveillance system and round the clock internal and external security;
  • Convenient transport accessibility: 15 km to MKAD; 20 km to "A107"; 10 km to Domodedovo airport; 10 km to the highway " M4 don";
  • Flexible warehouse operation 24/7; 5/2; 6/1; from 9:00 to 18:00 ; from 8:00 to 20:00;
  • Automated accounting system;
  • Highly qualified personnel;

We draw your attention to a special approach to the safety and security of goods: the warehouse is equipped with a modern video surveillance system that covers the entire room, leaving no "blind" zones. High resolution video surveillance cameras allows you to read even the text on the product label.

Access to the warehouse is carried out by personal passes.

Before sending cargoes for export from the Russian Federation, our specialists professionally and quickly organize customs clearance of goods with the provision of the necessary documents for further transportation.